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Viking Line
Header Page
This is the Header Page to a series devoted to postcards of the Viking Line. An alphabetical list of ships covered on these pages is shown below. The Table beneath gives links to complete postcard history pages on selected individual ships. Other Viking Line pages are:- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
A Brief History of Viking Line:-
In the 1950s, services between Sweden and Finland looked secure under the control of Finland Steamship Company (EFFOA), Svea Line and Bore Line, all with long histories. these companies became part of the rival Silja group. As in other parts of Europe, new ideas would soon be tried, and Viking Line operations began on 1st June 1959 between Gräddö and Korppoo, when Åland mariners Gunnar Eklund and Henning Rundberg acquired the British Railways ferry Dinard and renamed her Viking. Five days later, the Slite, owned by Carl Bertil Myrsten, began operations between Simpnäs and Mariehamn. In 1962, the original founders of Viking Line split, and Gunnar Eklund formed Ålandsfärjan using another ex-British Railways ferry Brittany, which was renamed Ålandsfärjan. She operated between Mariehamn and Gräddö (later Kapellskär). Ålandsfärjan later became SF Line in 1970, and the original Viking Line became Sally. In 1964, all-year-round services started with the ice-strengthened Apollo, owned by Slite. In 1966, the marketing company Viking Line was formed to sell services on the three companies Sally, Slite and SF Line.
The first large purpose-built ferry was the Kapella of 1967, followed by 10 other additions to the fleet through the 1970s, mostly purpose-built. This ships are all covered on this web page. Services were augmented by various chartered ferries (not shown on these pages). Traffic increased at a great rate, and direct competition with Silja from Stockholm started in 1975. In 1976, services started from Stockholm to Helsinki. The early 1970s ships soon required replacement by a series of larger ships from 1979. These ships are covered on Viking Line - Page 2. Rederi AB Sally were the dominant Viking Line partner at this time, with the delivery of Viking Saga, Viking Sally and Viking Song, all in 1980. Around this time, Sally also acquired Vaasanlaivat, started operations across the English Channel and became involved in cruising activities (all to be covered on separate web pages).
An even larger series of ships were delivered between 1985-92, which are covered on Viking Line - Page 3 and Viking Line - Page 4. The Sally influence decreased when some of their other operations lost money, SF Line and Slite taking over the Helsinki route in 1985 when the Mariella and Olympia were delivered. Sally were acquired by Silja group owners EFFOA and Johnson Line, and were forced to leave the Viking consortium in 1987. In the early 1990s, the Slite company ran into financial difficulties, and their ships were sold, leaving just SF Line, which renamed itself to Viking Line.
Viking Line Pages:-
Viking Line - Header Page - this page!
Viking Line - Page 1 - Viking Line Ships 1959-1978
Viking Line - Page 2 - Viking Line Ships 1979-1980
Viking Line - Page 3 - Viking Line Ships 1981-1989
Viking Line - Page 4 - Viking Line Ships 1989-
Viking Line - 2005 Fleet - Viking Line Fleet in 2005 - Official Viking Line Website
Ships on Page 1:-
Ålandsfärjan (1) - Ålandsfärjan/SF Line 1963-72
Apollo (1) - Slite 1964-67
Apollo (2) - Slite 1970-76
Apollo III - Slite 1976-89
Aurella - SF Line 1973-82
Boge - Slite 1963-63
Diana - Slite 1972-79
Drotten - 1963-64
Kapella - Ålandsfärjan/SF Line 1967-79
Marella - SF Line 1970-81
Panny - Slite 1963-64
Slite - Slite 1959-64
Viking - Vikinglinjen/Sally 1959-70
Viking 1 - Sally 1970-82
Viking 2 - Sally 1968-78
Viking 3 - Sally 1972-76
Viking 4 - Sally 1973-80
Viking 5 - Sally 1974-81
Viking 6 - Sally 1974-80
Visby - chartered 1967-70
Ships on Page 2:-
Dancing Queen - SF Line 1979-
Diana 2 - Slite 1979-92
Rosella - SF Line 1979-
Turella - Slite 1980-
Viking Saga - Sally 1980-86
Viking Sally - Sally 1980-91
Viking Song - Sally 1980-90
Ships on Page 3:-
Ålandsfärjan (2) - 1987- (built 1972)
Amorella - 1988-
Isabella - 1989-
Mariella - 1985-
Olympia - 1986-
Ships on Page 4:-
Athena - AB Slite 1989-93
Cinderella - 1989
Europa - AB Slite 1993 (sold before entering service)
Gabriella - built 1992
Kalypso - AB Slite 1990-93
Associated Pages:-
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Table of Ship Histories
Other names
 Ålandsfärjan (1)  Brittany
 Ålandsfärjan (2)  Kattegat (2), nf Tiger
 Apollo (2)  Olau Kent, Gelting Nord, Benodet, Corbiere
 Athena  Langkapuri Star Aquarius, Pearl of Scandinavia
 Aurella  St Patrick II, Egnatia II, Ville de Sete, City of Cork
 Cinderella  Viking Cinderella
 Diana  Diana, Botnia Express, Alandia
 Diana II  Mare Balticum, Meloodia
 Europa  Silja Europa
 Gabriella  Frans Suell, Silja Scandinavia
 Kalypso  Star Pisces
 Kapella  Nissos Chios
 Olympia  Pride of Bilbao
 Turella  Stena Nordica, Fantaasia
 Viking  Dinard
 Viking 1  Wasa Express, Khalid 1, Mecca 1, Al-Misri 1, Fagr
 Viking 2  Marsk Stig
 Viking 3  Wasa Express, Roslagen
 Viking 4  Earl Granville, Express Olympia
 Viking 5  The Viking, Sally Express, Bolette, Boughaz
 Viking 6  Stena Britannica, Wickersham, Goelo, Moby Dream, etc
 Viking Cinderella  Cinderella
 Viking Saga  Sally Albatross, Leeward, SuperStar Taurus, Silja Opera
 Viking Sally  Silja Star, Wasa King, Estonia
 Viking Song  Braemar, Anna Karenina, Regina Baltika

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