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Norwegian Coastal Express - Header Page
This is the header page for a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the Norwegian Coastal Express (Hurtigruten).
The newly started Vesteraalens Dampskipsselskap (VDS) in Stokmarknes took the challenge to start the coastal express. Captain Richard With and his crew had for a longer time measured speed and time for the route and they believed it possible to start a coastal express route. On the 18th of May 1893, VDS signed an agreement with the Norwegian government for a support for one weekly sailing between Trondheim and Tromsø in the wintertime and Trondheim and Hammerfest in the summer. On the 2nd of July 1893, Vesteraalen left Trondheim for Hammerfest on the first voyage. Later the route was expanded to sail from Bergen to Kirkenes.
Today the two hurtigrute-companies have 13 vessels. The companies are OVDS (Ofoten & Vesterålens Dampskipsselskap) and TFDS (Troms fylkes dampskipsselskap). OVDS runs 7 ships and TFDS run 6 ships. The ordinary service requires 11 ships running in the service and each company has one older extra ship. Every port from Bergen to Kirkenes has two visits every day, in the north direction and in the south direction.
My thanks to Arild Steinsland for his assistence with these pages.
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