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Oriana of 1995
Oriana Page 4b - July 2000 Mediterranean Cruise (Part 2)
Oriana cruise OR013, "Summer in the Med", left Southampton on Sunday 23rd July for Gibraltar, Ajaccio (Corsica), Livorno (Italy), Portoferraio (Elba), Villefranche (France) and Palma (Majorca). This is the second page devoted to the cruise, covering days 7 to 12 (link to: Part 1). The map and itinerary from Part 1 are repeated below.
Sections on Part One:-
Days at Sea on Oriana
Ajaccio (Corsica)
Livorno (Italy)
Corsica Ferries
Etruria Ferries
Moby Lines
SNCM Ferries
Tirrenia Ferries
Torema Ferries
Corsican Railways (CFC)
Sections on Part Two (This Page):-
Palma (Majorca)
Portoferraio (Elba)
Villefranche (France)
Moby Lines
SNCM Ferries
Torema Ferries
Caronia at Villefranche
Oriana at Portoferraio
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OR013: Summer in the Med - Part 2
Oriana cruise OR013, "Summer in the Med", left Southampton on Sunday 23rd July for Gibraltar, Ajaccio, Livorno, Elba, Villefranche and Palma. This is the second page devoted to the cruise, but the map and itinerary are repeated below.



Day 7: Portoferraio (Elba)
Oriana's fourth port of call was Portoferraio, on the Isle of Elba, where Napoleon was held after his first defeat.
Torema Ferries
Services to Elba are operated primarily by state-owned Toremar and private Italian company Moby Lines. Details of their fleets are shown below, with links to dedicated pages.
The first three pictures are from commercial postcards, and all show vessels of the state-owned Toremar fleet which runs to Piombino on the mainland (and occasionally Livorno).
These photos show the Toremar fleet in service between Elba and Piombino on the day of our visit.
This superb aerial view af Portoferraio shows another Toremar ship in the background. In the foreground are two NAVARMA Lines (later Moby Lines) ferries and the small cruise ship Island Princess (ex-Adriatica lines). In the left foreground the small Lampogas ferry is visible.
Moby Lines

I travelled on the Moby Lines Moby Baby to Piombino, which is shown below in a commercial card. It shows two Toremar ferries and the NAVARMA Lines Elba Prima, which is still in service, but now painted red unlike other Moby Lines ships. Piombino ferry terminal is adjacent to a large industrial complex (steel works?) and is not a recommended place to visit for other than ferry enthusiasts. The bulk ore terminal is visible in the background, though the photographer has managed to avoid showing the steel plant. A long breakwater, unshown off to the right of the picture, provides an excellent position for photography. There are more postcards and photos of Moby Lines on this link.
The Moby Lines fleet sailing from Elba to Piombino, Moby Ale, Moby Baby, Moby Blu, Moby Love 2 and Giraglia. There are more postcards and photos of Moby Lines on this link.
Lampogas at Elba
Also operating between Elba and Piombino, is the small ferry Lampomare Uno, better known to many as the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Coruisk. She carries hazardous cargoes for the company Lampogas, and is maintained in immaculate condition. The first photo below was taken on my previous visit to Elba in 1997. A page of photos dedicated to this vessel is available on this link.
The following pictures of Portoferraio were taken by Margaret Boyle.
Oriana at Portoferraio
The following pictures of Oriana at Elba were taken as I passed on ferries to and from Piombino.
Day 8: Villefranche (France)
Oriana's fifth port of call was Villefranche, a spectacular natural harbour only three miles from Nice.
Cruise ships anchor in the bay, and tender passengers ashore.
The picture of Villefranche below is taken from where the tenders disembark.
The two commercial cards below show the cruise liner Norway, although she is still le France to the locals.
Caronia (ex-Vistafjord) at Villefranche
Four photos of Cunard's Caronia (ex-Vistafjord), taken through the tender window as we went ashore. I have managed to remove some annoying reflections in the glass.
Two of my photos of the harbour at Villefranche taken from the coast road to Nice, showing Oriana and the Caronia (ex-Vistafjord).
The Jules Verne II, running trips form Nice to Villefranche and the Bay of Angels.
SNCM Ferries at Nice
Nice is in the next bay to the west of Villefranche. Two SNCM ferries in port were the Corse and the fast ferries NGV Asco and NGV Liamone. I have a series of pages devoted to the SNCM fleet, including many more photos taken during this cruise.
Day 9: Palma (Majorca)
Oriana's final port of call was Palma on Majorca.
The pictures of Palma below include the Royal Palace and the Cathedral.
Ferry services to Palma are operated by a number of companies, but the main one is Trasmediterranea. The pictures below show conventional, fast and ro-ro ferries leaving Palma.
I devoted my time in Plama to travelling on the spectacular Soller Railway, which is operated by a fleet of 1920s electric trains. Two commercial postcards are shown below.
Days 10, 11 & 12: At Sea
Two further formal dinners were held on the three sea days back to Southampton. The Black and White dinner is shown below, with our table companions Derek and Andrea on our left, and Jill and Terry on our right in the picture. Their lively company was a prime factor in this being one of the best cruises that I have been on. We entered the nightly Syndicate Quiz together and won three times in eleven attempts, coming second on all but one of the others (there were around thirty teams each night).
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