Coruisk - Lampomare Uno
Coruisk was built in 1969 for the Caledonian Steam Packet Company as the fifth and last of a series of small car ferries used on the service from Kyle of Lochalsh (Scottish mainland) to Kyleakin (Isle of Skye). At this time she loaded cars using small side ramps. This fleet of small ferries was replaced by two much larger double-ended ferries in the following two years. In 1971, Coruisk was converted into a bow-loading ferry for use on a new service between Largs and the Isle of Cumbrae, which she inaugurated in March 1972. She could carry six cars and 70 passengers. The conversion was a success, and other displaced Kyle ferries received similar conversions. This was followed by the new construction of eight further small ferries between 1973 and 1976. In 1973, Coruisk passed into the ownership of Caledonian MacBrayne. These ferries were very successful, to the extent that the traffic on many of their routes outgrew them (just as happened on the Kyle route). Coruisk was replaced by the larger double-ended ferry Isle of Cumbrae in 1976, and served on other routes and as a spare vessel until 1986, when she was sold to Euroyachts Ltd, and then to Penzance owners the year after. At some point she was renamed Mayo III. In 1988 she was bought by Lampogas S.p.A. and renamed Lampomare Uno, for the carriage of hazardous loads between Piombino (Italy) and Portoferraio (Isle of Elba). She was re-engined in 1993, but continued in service on this route during the summer of 2000, when most of the colour photos below were taken.
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Coruisk (1969-86)
Photographs of Coruisk taken by Ian Boyle at Largs in 1974 and 1976.
Lampomare Uno (1988 - )
Photographs of Lampomare Uno taken by Ian Boyle at Portoferraio, Elba in 1997 and 2000.
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