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Empress of Britain
Page 1: Service with Canadian Pacific 1956-63
This is the first of three pages devoted to the Canadian Pacific Liner Empress of Britain. This page covers her Canadian Pacific career between 1956-63. Page 2 covers her career with Greek Line and Carnival Cruises 1963-94. Page 3 covers her subsequent career with Royal Olympic and Thomson Cruises from 1995.
The Empress of Britain was built in 1956 by Fairfields of Glasgow, preceding sister Empress of England into service by one year. She was Britain's first fully air-conditioned liner. Initially running on the North Atlantic from Liverpool, she ran her first winter Caribbean cruise from New York in January 1960. As time passed, more of her time was spent cruising as air travel hit the Atlantic market, and her final Atlantic voyage was number 123, completed in October 1963, only seven years after her maiden voyage.
She was sold to the Greek Line, and re-entered service for them as Queen Anna Maria in 1965, running a fortnightly service to New York calling at Naples and Lisbon. Following the collapse of the Greek Line, she was sold to Carnival, joining the the Mardi Gras (ex-Empress of Canada) in 1975 as the Carnivale. Following the numerous new deliveries to Carnival, she was transferred to subsidiary Fiesta Marine Cruises as Fiesta Marina. She was sold again in 1994 to Epirotiki as Olympic, and has recently been on charter to British tour company Thomson as the Topaz. In 2002, Topaz received a new colour scheme. She is replaced in the Thomson fleet in the spring of 2003, and she was then chartered to Peace Boat.
It is easy to tell the two sisters apart, since the Empress of Britain has windows spaced 2-2-2 on the boat deck each side under the bridge wings, whereas on Empress of England they are spaced 2-1-2. The third ship, Empress of Canada was quite distinct, with a different funnel top and more superstructure forward of the bridge.
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Empress of Britain postcards - Canadian Pacific Line postcards (1956-63)
Empress of Britain memorabilia - Canadian Pacific Line memorabilia
Queen Anna Maria - Greek Line 1963-75
Carnivale - Carnival Cruise Line 1975-94
Fiesta Marina
Olympic - Epirotiki Line 1995-
Topaz - Thomson Cruises 1998-2003
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Empress of Britain
(Canadian Pacific: 1956-63)
25500 Gross Tons, Length: 640ft
160 first class, 894 tourist passengers (650 on cruising)
Speed 20 knots, Engines: Steam turbines, twin screw
Canadian Pacific Line official letter card of Empress of Britain.
Scan: Ken Muratama
Click to open larger image in new window
Canadian Pacific Line sepia official card of Empress of Britain.
The faint diagonal lines on the scan are on the original card!
Canadian Pacific Line monochrome official card of Empress of Britain.
Canadian Pacific Line official card of the Tourist Children's Playroom on Empress of Britain. The card was posted from the North Cape on 23rd June 1964, whilst on a cruise, as shown by the postmark and stamp on the card back shown below.
Aune commercial card (s/n F-2382-5) of Empress of Britain at Trondheim.
Salmon commercial card of Empress of Britain, painted by C.A.Garman (s/n 5340).
Salmon commercial card of Empress of Britain, at Liverpool Pier Head (s/n 1-06-02-04/2123c).
After the Battle commercial card of Empress of Britain, photo by Beken of Cowes (s/n P135).
Photographic postcard of Empress of Britain.
Photographic postcard of Empress of Britain.
Photographic postcard of Empress of Britain.
Empress of Britain Memorabilia
(supplied by Tom Marshall)
A selection of memorabilia from a voyage from the UK to Canada in September 1956 - the first year in service for Empress of Britain. Click on an image to see a larger copy open in a new window.
Gala Night menu cover.
Extract from the passenger list.
Extract from sailing schedules and fares list.
Programme for 17/09/1956
Breakfast menu.
Final dinner menu.
Empress of Britain drinks coaster.
Scan supplied by Chris Hunt.
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