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French Line - CGT
(Compagnie Générale Transatlantique)
This is the header for a series of pages on the CGT fleet (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - popularly know as la Transat in France, and marketed as the French Line in the UK and USA). A list of all French Line pages is shown below. Beneath this is a table of individual ship history pages.
French Line Pages:-
French Line Header Page - this page!
French Line Page 1A - African & Mediterranean Services before 1945
French Line Page 1B - African & Mediterranean Services 1945-1960
French Line Page 2 - Mediterranean Car Ferries from 1960
French Line Page 3 - Transat Vessels pre-1910
French Line Page 4 - Transat Vessels 1910-1914
French Line Page 5 - Transat Vessels 1914-1930
French Line Page 6 - Transat Vessels 1930-1945
French Line Page 7 - Transat Vessels 1945-1976
Associated Pages:-
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Ocean Liner Postcards
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List of Ship Histories
 Other Names
 De Grasse  Empress of Australia, Venezuela
 Flandre  Carla C, Princess Carla, Carla Costa, Pallas Athena
 France (2)  
 France (3)  Norway
 Ile de Beaute  Sunward, Grand Flotel, Saudi Moon, Ocean Quest
 Ile de France  
 Lafayette (3)  
 Liberté  Europa (2)
 Normandie (2)  Lafayette
 Rousillon  Prins Hamlet, Prinz Hamlet (1), Kamiros
 Ville de Bordeaux  Saga

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