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Red Funnel Steamers
Red Funnel Services
Southampton, Isle of Wight & South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. Ltd.

This page gives links to a series of pages devoted to postcards and photographs of Red Funnel Ferries, previously the Southampton, Isle of Wight & South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. Ltd. (reputedly the longest title in the UK Companies Register).
A list of Red Funnel Pages is shown below. There are also links to the paddle steamers of Cosens & Co, who were acquired by Red Funnel. The Table beneath gives links to complete history pages on selected individual ships in the fleet.

Red Funnel Pages:-
Red Funnel - Header Page - this page!
Red Funnel - Paddle Steamers
Red Funnel - Screw Steamers
Red Funnel - Motor Vessels
Red Funnel - Tugs & Tenders
Red Funnel - Castle Car Ferries
Red Funnel - Raptor Class Ferries
Red Funnel - Red Jet Fast Ferries
Cosens & Co Pages:-
Cosens Page 1 - 19th Century
Cosens Page 2 - 20th Century
Cosens Page 3 - 1952 Timetable
Cosens Page 4 - 1958 Timetable
Associated Pages:-
Ferry Postcards
Simplon Postcards Home Page
Red Funnel & Before - by R.B.Adams - Kingfisher Railway Publications (1986)
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Table of Ship Histories
Other Names
 Balmoral (1)  
 Balmoral (2)  
 Bournemouth Queen  
 Bergen Castle  Nordhordland
 Carisbrooke Castle  Citta di Meta, Giglio Expresso II
 Cowes Castle  Nehaj
 Lorna Doone  
 Netley Castle  Sis
 Norris Castle (3)  Lovrjenac
 Osborne Castle  Le Gobelet D'Argent, Cavalier Maxim
 Princess Elizabeth  
 Red Eagle  
 Red Falcon  
 Red Jet 4  
 Red Osprey  
 Solent Queen (1)  

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