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Nice Port
This page is still under construction
These pages are devoted to postcards and photographs of the port of Nice and its shipping, including the local excursion ships and ferry services.
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Hamburg-Atlantik - Winter Services from Nice to Monaco and Genoa
Trans Cote d'Azur - Excursions from Nice
Air France - Fast Ferry from Nice Airport to Cannes & St Tropez
CGT & CGTM - State owned companies operating to Corsica
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Nice Excursion Ships
Nice - Gallus
Since before WW2, most sea excursions from Nice were run by Gallus, who had offices adjacent to the harbour. When I visited Nice in February 2000, Gallus were no longer operating, and their offices were seemed recently closed. The offices have since been redeveloped. Post-war, they ran the Fairmile 'B' launch Ariel from a jetty on the Promenade des Anglais.
Ariel at the jetty on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice
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Ariel at the jetty on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice
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Ariel at the jetty on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice
Enlarged view from card above - Click to open larger images in a new tab/window
Nice - Trans Cote d'Azur
Excursions from Nice are now run mainly by Trans Cote d'Azur - the latter being the same company as SNRTM, described running from Toulon and La Londes on my pages devoted to the Excursion Ships of Var. Even in February in 2000, Trans Cote d'Azur, however, were running two non-landing cruises daily (except Mondays) to Villefranche using the modern vessel Méditerranée IV. The Star Cote d'Azur was also in port. In summer, Trans Cote d'Azur/SNRTM run trips to St Tropez, San Remo, Monaco etc from Nice, and similar destinations from Cannes. Other vessels listed as operating in this area are the Aqua Vision, Jules Verne II and Méditerranée V.
Méditerranée IV in Nice, with the SNCM ferry Danielle Casanova in the background.
Star Cote d'Azur in Nice.
Aqua Vision in Nice, with NGV Asco, an SNCM fast monohull ferry on Corsica services.
Jules Verne II in Nice, with the SNCM ferry Corse in the background
Jules Verne II in Nice, with some of the eccentric villas for which Nice is famous
Brochure of services from Nice by Aqua Vision.
Brochure of services from Cannes, showing Star Cote d'Azur.
Brochure of services from Cannes to the Iles de Lerins, showing Mediterranee V.
Nice - Ferry Services
Air France - Nice-Cannes-St Tropez
In June 2000, a fast ferry service started between Nice Airport, Cannes and St Tropez, marketed by Air France but operated by Emeraude Ferries. This service continued to run in 2001, and photos of the Sea Shuttle I arriving at St Tropez are shown below. More information and photos on this service are available on this link.
The subsidised mail services to Corsica were operated by Fraissinet until 1945, when the contract was passed to the French Line (CGT), along with the ships which operated it. A selection of Nice postcards showing CGT, and its successor CGTM, is shown below. A complete history of the Mediterranean services of CGT and CGTM begins on this link.
An EPI (Nice) card of Cyrnos in Nice harbour.
An Editions Gilletta card (Nice) of Napoleon leaving Nice (s/n 91).
An Editions la Cigogne card (Monaco) of Napoleon leaving Nice (s/n 06.088.140).
The breakwater to the right makes an excellent photographic vantage point, with the sun behind the photographer. The quay in the foreground is now used by Corsica Ferries.
Editions "YPA" card of Fred Scamaroni in CGT colours at Nice.
Editions "CAP" card (s/n A333) of Corse in CGT colours leaving Nice.
The paddle steamer Cobra was built in 1889 for Burns & Laird's Ardrossan-Belfast service. She only lasted one year before being returned to her builders. She then spent one year as the St Tudno on North Wales services, before being sold for Hamburg-Helgoland service, reverting the the name Cobra. In winter, she operated on charter in the Mediterranean between Genoa, Monaco and Nice.
This card shows the Cobra arriving at Nice, dressed overall and flying the German flag. The card is dated March 1908.
Cobra arriving at Nice at night.
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