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This page is devoted to the fast ferry service marketed by Air France which connects Nice Airport, Cannes and St Tropez. The service is operated on Air France's behalf by Emeraude ferries, who run similar services to the Channel Islands. The Timetable shows the services operated in 2001. Below the table are photographs of the vessel. The Air France 2001 brochure is also shown.
The Nice Airport, Cannes and St Tropez service fast ferry first operated in 2000, and resumed between 23rd June and 8th October 2001 using the catamaran Sea Shuttle I. The return fare between Nice and St Tropez is 775F (approx £77 or $108), although reductions are available if you take a connecting Air France flight from Nice. A webpage on Emeraude Ferries' Channel Isles operations is being prepared.

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Sea Shuttle I - Catamaran used in 2000/2001
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2001 Timetable - Nice Airport-Cannes-St Tropez
Sea Shuttle I
The following details on Sea Shuttle I have been supplied by Eje Flodstrom:-
Sea Shuttle I is owned by Hydrocruiser Inc and has been employed on various charters over the years. It was built in 1994 by MK Sea Tranportation International, South Africa. It is actually a hydrofoil supported GRP catamaran designed by Teknicraft, then in South Africa but now located in New Zeeland.
1994 Delivered to Competitive Concepts, UK, as SeaShuttle I, flag: Belize (temporarlily named Sea Shuttle Seattle).
1994 Demonstrated on Nynäshamn-Visby, Sweden. Too small.
1994 Leased (3 months) to Trans Baltic Line, Estonia, marketing name Sukkula, operated Tallinn-Helsinki.
1994 Leased (1 month) to Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land, Germany, marketing name EC Jet (Elbe City Jet).
1995 Leased (1 year) to Vapores de Pasaje, Spain, in traffic Vigo-Cangas, marketed as Vigo Jet.
1996 Leased to Transportes Maritimos Azorianos (Transmacor), Azores, marketed as Tri Jet.
1998 leased to Cape Balear, traffic Menorca-Ibiza, marketed as Menorca Jet (unconfirmed). Lease terminated when owner, MK International, "hijacked" the vessel from Cape Balear.
2000 Leased (4 months) to Emeraude Lines/Air France for traffic Nice Airport - Cannes & St Tropez.
2001 Back in same traffic, owner Hydrocruiser Inc.
The photos below show the Air France fast ferry Sea Shuttle I arriving at St Tropez in August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Photo: © Ian Boyle, August 2001.
Air France Brochure
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