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Edwards Postcards
Page 1A - Liners
These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website
The Revd. Father M.N.W.Edwards produces postcards in four series:-
1: Liners to South Africa - Serial Nos. Br.S1-20, Br.S21-
2: Ferries - Serial Nos. Br.F - to be added later
3: Ships that visted Tristan da Cunha - Serial Nos. Td.C
4: Ships that have visited Antarctica - Serial Nos. Pole
Many earlier cards are now sold out, since they are printed in editions of only 500 or 250. All cards are individually hand numbered, which is unique as far as I am aware for ship postcards. This page shows the Br.S. series, which are all Union-Castle and SAFMarine vessels, including rare colour cards of some of the freighters. Photographer's names are shown (in brackets).
Br.S.1 Winchester Castle, Port Elizabeth - March 24th 1958 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.2 Roslin Castle, Table Bay - March 4th 1958 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.3 Pendennis Castle, maiden voyage Table Bay - Jan 30th 1959 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.4 Edinburgh Castle, Table Bay - Jan 31st 1963 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.5 Bloemfontein Castle, East London - Mar 20th 1958 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.6 Rhodesia Castle, Port Elizabeth - Mar 7th 1958 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.7 S.A.Oranje, Table Bay - July 1975 (Errol Cornish)
Br.S.8 Riebeck Castle, Table Bay - June 13th 1971 (Ian Shiffman)
Br.S.9 Southampton Castle, Table Bay - July 1st 1975 (Errol Cornish)
Br.S.10 Transvaal Castle, maiden voyage Table Bay - February 2nd 1962 (R.Tyler)
Br.S.11 Arundel Castle, Port Elizabeth - January 20th 1957 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.12 Carnarvon Castle, Mombasa, Kenya - December 1945 (P.I.Pinder)
Br.S.13 Kinnaird Castle, Table Bay - Nov 18th 1963 (E.V.Ross-Mumby)
Br.S.14 Pretoria Castle, Table Bay - Oct 5th 1956 (C.Illife)
Br.S.15 Good Hope Castle, Southampton - October 1958 (J.C.Lester)
Br.S.16 Rowallan Castle, Table Bay - March 4th 1968 (C.H.Solomon)
Br.S.17 Carnarvon Castle, Port Elizabeth - Jan 14th 1956 (M.N.W.Edwards)
Br.S.18 S.A.Vaal, Inauguration at Richard's Bay with SAAF Shackletons - April 1st 1956 (H.A.Williams)
Br.S.19 Pretoria Castle (later renamed Warwick Castle), as WW2 experimental aircraft carrier (C.Illife)
Br.S.20 Tintagel Castle, Table Bay - Nov 21st 1967 (C.H.Solomon)
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