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Edwards Postcards
Page 2 - Td.C
These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website
The Revd. Father M.N.W.Edwards produces postcards in four series:-
1: Liners to South Africa - Serial Nos. Br.S
2: Ferries - Serial Nos. Br.F - to be added later
3: Ships that have visited Tristan da Cunha - Serial Nos. Td.C (this page)
4: Ships that have visited Antarctica - Serial Nos. Pole (this page)

I have added a selection of the less obscure subjects below. Many earlier cards are now sold out, since they are printed in editions of only 500 or 250. All cards are individually hand numbered, which is unique as far as I am aware for ship postcards.

This page shows the Td.C and Pole series (most Pole series cards are also in the Td.C series). The Td.C series includes some well-known cruise ships, but also some very obscure vessels which make very unlikely postcard subjects. It also includes some unusual warship subjects, modern warship cards being quite rare. Photographer's names are shown (in brackets).
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Edwards Postcards - Series Td.C and Pole
SOLD OUT - Td.C.4 St Helena, (St Helena Shipping Co) (Mure Smith)
SOLD OUT - Td.C.6 Vistafjord, (Cunard Line) (Fr.M.N.W.Edwards)
SOLD OUT - Td.C.9 Marco Polo, (Orient Lines) (Dr Errol Cornish)
Td.C.10 S.A.Agulhas
Td.C.12 HMS Endurance, (Fr.M.N.W.Edwards)
SOLD OUT - Td.C.15 Hanseatic, (at Tristan da Cunha) (Dr Errol Cornish)
Td.C.16 Jeanne d'Arc, (French Navy) (C.H.Solomon)
Td.C.17 Sagafjord, (Cunard Line) (Dr Errol Cornish)
Td.C.18 HMS Cilicia, (Anchor Line) (Imperial War Museum)
Td.C.26 St Helena, (St Helena Shipping Co) (Mure Smith)
Td.C.27 World Discoverer, (Discoverer Cruises) (J.H.Youle)
Td.C.28 RFA Tideflow, (leaving Capetown) (C.H.Solomon)
Td.C.29 SAS Protea, (South African Navy) (C.H.Solomon)
Td.C.30/Pole2 Explorer, (Explorer Shipping Co) (J.J.Woolley)
Td.C.31/Pole3 SAS Outeniqua, (SA Navy Fleet Replenishment Ship) (Errol Cornish)
Td.C.32 British Tamar, (BP Shipping official photo)
Td.C.33/Pole4 HMS Herald, (Royal Navy Survey Ship) (M.N.W.Edwards)
Td.C.34 HMS Arawa, (Shaw Savill & Albion, on war service 1941) (Imperial War Museum)
Td.C.35 HMS Burghhead Bay, (Tristan da Cunha, January 1958) (A.B.Crawford)
Td.C.36 HMSAS Natal, (Tristan da Cunha, April 1947) (A.B.Crawford)
Td.C.37/Pole5 HMS Endurance, (Antarctica, March 1999) 
Td.C.39 HMS Alcantara (Royal Mail Line - on war service), (Imperial War Museum) 
Td.C.40/Pole8 HMS Endurance, (Antarctica, June 1999) 
Pole7 MV Akademik Fyodorov, (Dr Errol Cornish, Capetown) 
Pole9 MV Polarstern, (Dr Errol Cornish, Capetown) 
Td.C.41/Pole10 HMS Cumberland, (T.Down)
Td.C.42/Pole11 RFA Grey Rover, (Dr E.Cornish)
Td.C.43 St Helena, (B.Baldwin, Inaccessible Island, 1998) - A lovely card!
Td.C.44/Pole12 HMS Somerset, (Dr E.Cornish, Cape Town 1999)
Td.C.45 Lowland Lancer, (Dr E.Cornish, Cape Town 1991)
Td.C.46 King William (King Line, Cape Town)
Td.C.52 Innesmoor (Moor Line, Walter Runciman & Co)
Td.C.53 Baron Dalmey (Baron Line, Hogarth & Sons)
Td.C.54 HMS Endurance in Antarctica (RN official photo)
Td.C.55/Pole 15 Bremen (HAPAG-Lloyd)
Photo B.Baldwin at Tristan da Cunha
Edwards Br.S Series
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