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Cunard Line
Cunard Line Header Page
This is the main header page linking to a series of other pages devoted to postcards and photographs of the Cunard Line. In 1936, Cunard took over the White Star Line to form Cunard-White-Star Line. There is also a Table of Individual Ship Histories.
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White Star - Page 1 - up to 1899
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New 2013 Book on the Cunard Fleet

Cunard Line - A Fleet History
Image links to larger copy
Author : Peter Newall
Publisher : Ships in Focus
Price : �39.50

Cunard Line is the most famous shipping company in the world and this is the first comprehensive history of Cunard and its ships. The focus is not just on the transatlantic passenger liners, although they get their fair share of exposure. Covered in similar depth are the intermediate passenger ships, Mediterranean traders, the surprisingly large fleet of pure cargo ships, Cunard�s contribution to the Atlantic Container Line, reefers, cruise ships, the bulkers of Cunard-Brocklebank, the Moss tankers plus tugs and tenders. There is also an impressive fleet of wartime managed ships, including some famous foreign liners. Coasters and other ships chartered for Channel Islands and Great Lakes services are also mentioned. The individual histories of 310 ships from Unicorn in 1840 to the current Queen Elizabeth are featured, reflecting the latest standards of research with details from registration papers and other sources. There are over 700 illustrations, many of which have never been published before, including many in colour. Great care has been taken with the layout of the book so that it is easy to follow, individual chapters telling the story of the ships employed in each aspect of the company�s operations. The front cover has a specially-commissioned painting of the original Queen Elizabeth by the renowned marine artist Stephen Card. None of the many other books on Cunard presents such a comprehensive picture of its activities, and we believe this book will come to be regarded as the definitive fleet history of this famous company and its many ships.

Table of Ship Histories
Other names
 Berengaria  Imperator
 Carinthia  Fairland, Fairsea, Fair Princess, China Sea Discovery
 Carmania  Saxonia, Leonid Sobinov
 Caronia (2)   Columbia, Caribia 
 Caronia (3)  Vistafjord
 Cunard Adventurer  Sunward II, Triton, Coral
 Cunard Conquest  Cunard Princess, Rhapsody, Golden Iris
 Cunard Countess  Olympic Countess, Olympia Countess, Lili Marleen, New Pacific, Ocean Countess
 Cunard Princess  Cunard Conquest, Rhapsody
 Franconia  Ivernia, Fedor Shalyapin
 Ivernia  Franconia, Fedor Shalyapin
 Majestic  Bismarck
 Mauretania (1)  
 Mauretania (2)  
 Media  Flavia
 Parthia  Remeura, Aramac
 Queen Elizabeth  Seawise University
 Queen Elizabeth (2)  
 Queen Elizabeth 2  
 Queen Mary  
 Queen Mary 2  
 Queen Victoria  
 Royal Viking Sun  Seabourn Sun
 Sagafjord  Gripsholm, Saga Rose
 Saxonia  Carmania, Leonid Sobinov
 Sylvania  Fairwind, Sitmar Fairwind, Dawn Princess, Albatros
 Vistafjord  Caronia

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