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These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website
This page shows Photo Tropic Postcards T114-T210. These cards were not issued as part of sets.
These cards are available (along with most Simplon releases, and many other modern shipping cards) from the Photo Tropic Postcards shop at 66 Albert-I Promenade at Oostende, near the Casino. An essential visit for any shipping fan in the area.
These images must not be used without permission - the photographer Mike Louagie can be contacted at He also has a website at which includes many examples of his superb photography.
Follow these links to see card numbers: T1-T16, T17-32, T33-60, T90-T112, T114-T210, T211-T329, T339-
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T114 DIAMANT, at Oostende, 04/98 (Edition of 500)
T115 RAPIDE + DIAMANT, at Oostende, 04/98 (Edition of 500)
T116 RAPIDE + PRINCESSE MARIE-CHRISTINE, at Oostende, 04/98 (Edition of 500)
T123 STENA ROYAL (ex-PRINS FILIP, later POSL AQUITAINE), at Zeebrugge, 30/11/98
(Edition of 250)
T124 EUROVOYAGER (ex-SALLY SKY), (Edition of 250)
T125 EUROWAY (ex-ARGO), (Edition of 250)
T126 EUROCRUISER (ex-ROSEBAY), (Edition of 250)
T130 RAPIDE, at Oostende, 04/98 (Edition of 500)
T175 EPHESUS (ex-KONINGIN FABIOLA), (Edition of 250).
Photo: Frank Heine, 1995
T136 EUROVOYAGER (ex-PRINS ALBERT), (Edition of 500)
Photo: Peter Maenhoudt (Edition of 250)
T206 EUROVOYAGER (ex-PRINS ALBERT), (Edition of 250)
T207 JUNIPER, (Edition of 250)
Photo: Photo Tropic (Yvan Broux)
T210 RAPIDE, (Edition of 250)
Links to Card Numbers: T1-T16, T17-32, T33-60, T90-T112, T114-T210, T211-T329, T339-
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