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These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website
Photo Tropic have issued a series of high quality postcards produced in Belgium, mainly using the superb photographs of Mike Louagie, who retains copyright in all cases. This page shows cards T1-T16. These images must not be used without permission - the photographer Mike Louagie can be contacted at He also has a website at which includes many examples of his superb photography.
The range has concentrated on the Belgian ferries sailing out of Oostende, and now covers virtually all postwar ferries in most of their changing liveries. Unlisted cards feature non-shipping Oostende subjects. All cards are printed in editions of 500 or less. Many Simplon cards also use photos of Mike Louagie.
Photo Tropic cards are available (along with many other modern shipping cards) from the Photo Tropic shop at 66 Albert-I Promenade at Oostende, near the Casino. An essential visit for any shipping fan in the area.
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The first Photo Tropic cards were issued as a set of six in a commemorative envelope, in memory of the last six R.M.T. ferries to operate Oostende-England services.
Set1 - T1 PRINS ALBERT, in service 07/03/78 - 28/02/97
Set1 - T2 REINE ASTRID, in service 08/04/82 - 26/10/96
Set1 - T3 PRINS FILIP, in service 15/05/92 - 28/02/97
Set1 - T4 PRINCESSE MARIE-CHRISTINE, in service 30/12/75 - 03/02/97
Set1 - T5 PRINCESSE CLEMENTINE, in service 31/05/81 - 28/02/97
Set1 - T6 PRINSES STEPHANIE, in service 31/07/81 - 28/02/97
The next two cards T7 and T8 were not part of a set. RAPIDE and DIAMANT are named after some of the earliest Belgian Railways paddlesteamers. Belgian Railways later settled on naming ships after the Belgian Royal Family. The ships were named alternately in Flemish and French, the two official Belgian languages, hence the different spellings of Prins & Prince etc.
T7 HOLYMAN DIAMANT, In service 01/03/97
T8 HOLYMAN RAPIDE, In service 01/03/97
The next eight cards T9 - T16 were issued as RMT Souvenir Set No.2, and are the only monochrome Photo Tropic cards so far.
Set2 - T9 PRINS FILIP, last departure from Oostende, 25/04/97
Set2 - T10 PRINCESSE MARIE-CHRISTINE, last departure from Oostende, 18/04/97
Set2 - T11 PRINS ALBERT, last departure from Oostende, 29/04/97
Set2 - T12 ARTEVELDE, 1958-1976 (Photo by FotoFlite)
Set2 - T13 KONINGIN ELISABETH, 1957-1978 (Photo by FotoFlite)
Set2 - T14 ROI LEOPOLD III, 1956-1978 (Photo by FotoFlite)
Set2 - T15 IJZER, 1954-1972 (Photo by FotoFlite)
Set2 - T16 PRINCE BAUDOUIN, 1934-1963 (Photo by FotoFlite)
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