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Isles of Scilly
Local Inter-Island Boats
This page is still under construction!
This page shows the loacl inter-island ferries and excursion boats of the Isles of Scilly
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Historic Scilly Boats
Scilly Boats in 2008
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My thanks to Graham Thorne, Geoff Hamer, John Hendy and John Pill for assistance with this page
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Isles of Scilly
Local Inter-Island Boats
Scilly Boat Postcards
J.Arthur Dixon postcard I.O.S.1782 of the local boats at St Mary's
Boat names (L>R) are Commodore (or Gondolier?), Swordfish, Nemo, unknown, unknown, Lily of Laguna - Photo: W.W.Roberts
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Scilly Boats in 2008
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