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P&O Ferries
This page is the header page for postcards and photographs of P&O Ferries, and subsidiaries such as the Coast Lines Group. There is also a table of individual ship history pages. Because of the size of this fleet, it has been split into numerous sub-pages. the header page for P&O liners and cruise ships is on this link.

P&O Ferries Pages
Belfast SS Co - Liverpool-Belfast night boat postcards (Coast Lines).
B&I - Liverpool-Dublin night boat postcards (Coast Lines).
Burns & Laird Paddlesteamers - Day services Ardrossan-Belfast (Coast Lines).
Burns & Laird Turbines - Day services Ardrossan-Belfast (Coast Lines).
Burns & Laird Night Boats - Night services Glasgow-Belfast, Glasgow-Dublin etc (Coast Lines).
City of Cork SP Co - Night boats Swansea-Cork (Coast Lines).
Coast Lines Header Page - Header Page for Coast Lines group comapnies.
Coast Lines Car Ferries - Irish Sea car ferry services of Coast Lines.
General Steam Navigation Header Page
General Steam Navigation Paddlesteamers
General Steam Navigatiom Freighters
General Steam Navigation Passenger Motorships
New Medway SP Co
Normandy Ferries - P&O ferry services on the South Coast.
North of Scotland, Orkney & Shetland
North Sea Ferries - Under construction!
P&O Dover - P&O Ferries on Dover-Calais from dissolution of P&O Stena Line in 2002.
P&O Felixstowe
P&O Portsmouth
P&O Ferries - 2004-released postcards of all Dover and Portsmouth ferries from Chantry Classics.
P&O Scottish Ferries
P&O Stena Line - Official postcards of the P&O Stena fleet between 1998-2002.
P&O Tilbury - Tilbury-Zeebrugge route started in 2007
Southern Ferries - P&O ferry services on the South Coast.
Townsend Thoresen - Acquired by P&O Ferries in 1987.
Ferry Postcards
P&O Liners & Cruise Ships Header Page
Simplon Postcards Home Page
Table of Ship Histories


Other names

 Baltic Ferry  Stena Transporter, Finnrose, Pride of Suffolk, European Diplomat, Diplomat

 Cerdic Ferry  Alpha Enterprise, Syria, Stena Transporter, European Freeway, Stena Partner

 Doric Ferry  Stena Runner, Alpha Progress, Hellas, European Tideway, Stena Transfer

 Dragon  Ionic Ferry, Viscountess/Charm M, Millenium Express II

 Eagle  Azur, The Azur

 European Diplomat  Stena Transporter, Finnrose, Baltic Ferry, Pride of Suffolk, Diplomat

 Europen Freeway  Alpha Enterprise, Syria, Stena Transporter, Cerdic Ferry, Stena Partner

 European Highway  Pride of Kent (2)

 European Pathway  Pride of Canterbury

 European Tideway  Stena Runner, Alpha Progress, Hellas, Doric Ferry, Stena Transfer

 Ionic Ferry  Dragon, Viscountess/Charm M, Millenium Express II

 Leopard  Countess M, Dimitra A, Mega I, Talya I

 Lion  Baroness M, Portelet

 nf Panther (2)  Djursland, Lasse II, St Sunniva, Faye

 nf Tiger  Kattegat (2), Ålandsfärjan

 Nordic Ferry  Merzario Hispana, Pride of Flanders, Flanders, Stena Transporter

 Norstar  SNAV Campania

 Panther (1)  Peter Pan, St Clair

 Panther (2)  Djursland, Lasse II, St Sunniva, Faye

 PO Canterbury  Scandinavia, Tzarevetz, Fantasia, Stena Fantasia, etc

 Pride of Ailsa  Free Enterprise VII, Pride of Sandwich, Pride of Al Salam 95

 Pride of Bilbao  Olympia

 Pride of Canterbury (1)  Free Enterprise VIII, Romilda

 Pride of Canterbury (2)  European Pathway

 Pride of Cherbourg (1)  Viking Voyager, Bañaderos, Barlovento

 Pride of Cherbourg (2)  Viking Valiant, Pride of Le Havre (1), Pride of Al Salam 1

 Pride of Cherbourg (3)  Isle of Innisfree

 Pride of Flanders  Merzario Hispana, Nordic Ferry, Flanders, Stena Transporter

 Pride of Hampshire  Viking Venturer, Pride of El Salam 2

 Pride of Hythe  Free Enterprise V, Laburnum, Tagla

 Pride of Kent (2)  European Highway

 Pride of Le Havre (1)  Viking Valiant, Pride of Cherbourg (2), Pride of Al Salam 1

 Pride of Le Havre (2)  Olau Hollandia (2)

 Pride of Portsmouth  Olau Britannia (2)

 Pride of Rathlin  Free Enterprise VII, Pride of Walmer, BSP III

 Pride of Sandwich  Free Enterprise VII, Pride of Ailsa, Pride of Al Salam 95

 Pride of Suffolk  Stena Transporter, Finnrose, Baltic Ferry, European Diplomat, Diplomat

 Pride of Walmer  Free Enterprise VII, Pride of Rathlin, BSP III

 Pride of Winchester  Viking Viscount, Vitsentzos Kornaros

 SF Panther (1)  Peter Pan, St Clair

 St Ola  Svea Scarlett, Eckerö

 St Sunniva  Djursland, Lasse II, nf Panther, Faye

 Viking Valiant  Pride of Le Havre (1), Pride of Cherbourg (2), Pride of Al Salam 1

 Viking Venturer  Pride of Hampshire, Pride of El Salam 2

 Viking Viscount  Pride of Winchester, Vitsentzos Kornaros

 Viking Voyager  Pride of Cherbourg (1), Bañaderos, Barlovento

 Tiger  Kattegat (2), Ålandsfärjan

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