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Star Princess
Sitmar FairMajesty - Star Princess (1) - Arcadia (3) - Ocean Village
This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the cruise ship Star Princess, since 2003 the Ocean Village.
Ocean Village was nearing completion in France for Sitmar Cruises, as the Sitmar FairMajesty, when the company was taken over by P&O Princess. She was delivered to Princess Cruises as the Star Princess in 1989. In 1997 she was transferred to P&O Cruises as their third Arcadia. In 2003, Arcadia was transferred again to a new P&O subsidiary as Ocean Village, providing a less formal cruise experience for a younger target audience.
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Sitmar FairMajesty - Official Sitmar postcards
Star Princess - Princess Cruises: 1989-1997 - Official Princess Cruises postcards
Arcadia - P&O Cruise: 1997-2003 - Official P&O Cruises postcards
Ocean Village - 2003- Ocean Village postcards
Star Princess & Arcadia - Simplon Postcards releases
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Sitmar FairMajesty
(Sitmar: as ordered)
Star Princess, built 1989, was near completion in France for Sitmar Cruises, as their Sitmar FairMajesty, when the company was taken over by P&O Princess.
This advance postcard of her proposed appearance had already been issued.
Scan of postcard supplied by Dimas Almada.
Star Princess (1)
(Princess: 1989-97)
Official Princess Postcards
Following the withdrawal of the Canberra, Star Princess was transferred to P&O and renamed Arcadia in late 1997. Arcadia moved to a new P&O Princess venture called Ocean Village in 2003.
The Sitmar postcard above was modified for Princess pre-release.
An early Princess release of Star Princess.
A later Princess release of Star Princess.
An oversized Princess release of Star Princess.
Arcadia (3)
(P&O Cruises: 1997-2003)
Official P&O Postcards
This slightly over-sized card was published for the inaugural cruise as Arcadia.
A variation of the card above was also issued for the first world cruise.
This standard-sized advertising card of Arcadia was distributed with issues of Radio Times magazine (and possibly elsewhere) in 2001.
Cards from the same issue had serial numbers RT1 and RT2, possibly for different areas of the country.
This attractive card of Arcadia has been issued for her Caribbean cruises.
Ocean Village
(Ocean Village: 2003- )
Arcadia moved to a new P&O Princess venture called Ocean Village in 2003.
This is the AIDA concept of informal cruising adapted to the UK flycruise market.
This is an advance publicity picture of Ocean Village.
Ocean Village at Rodos
Photo: © Ko Rusman, June 2007
Click to open larger image in new window
Simplon Postcards Arcadia Issues
sc2056, released November 1994
Location: Madeira - Photographer: Rui manuel Gouveia Sa
sc2079, released March 1996
Location: San Francisco, 27th September 1994 - Photographer: Marvin Jensen
sc2132, released December 1998
Location: San Francisco, 1998 - Photographer: Marvin Jensen
sc2153, released May 2000
Location: Zeebrugge, 1999 - Photographer: Mike Louagie
Commercial Postcards of Star Princess and Arcadia
Florida Impressions postcard 7212 of Star Princess at Ft.Lauderdale
(plus an enlarged image of the ship).
Guy Borens postcard T2057 of Arcadia at Toulon
(plus an enlarged image of the ships).
F.Ribeiro postcard 2514 of Arcadia at Funchal, Madeira.
A.Campana postcard B0129 of Arcadia and Seabourn Sun at Barcelona
(plus an enlarged image of the ships).
David Messent postcard 558 of Arcadia at Sydney
(plus an enlarged image of the ships - Crystal Symphony in the foreground)
Colin van Geffen postcard 17 of Arcadia.
Drawing by Colin van Geffen.
Le Goubey postcard 500537 of Arcadia.
Photos by Jean-Pierre Juhel.
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