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This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the Elder Dempster Line. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. Below the table is a Fleet List in chronological order. It is my eventual intention to show all passenger ships of the postcard era, plus a representative selection of freighters.
Elder Dempster had its origins in the African Steam Ship Company, which had a mail contract to serve Madeira, Tenerife and the African West Coast from London and Plymouth. Services ran from Liverpool from 1856. In 1894, the African Steam Ship Company took over the Canadian trade from Avonmouth of the Dominion Line. In 1898, the Beaver Line (also in the Canadian trade) was acquired. In 1899, Elder Dempster Shipping was formed. In 1901, the Imperial Direct West India Mail Service was formed to operate services to the Caribbean. In 1903, the Canadian services were sold to Canadian Pacific, along with 14 ships.
In 1910, Elder Dempster and the Imperial Direct West India Mail Service became part of Lords Kylsant and Pirrie's Royal Mail Group, where they were combined as Elder Dempster & Company. The Royal Mail Group collapsed in 1931, and Elder Dempster became associated with the Blue Funnel group of companies. Ownership passed to the Ocean Steamship Company in 1965. Passenger services ceased in 1974. In 1989, Elder Dempster was sold to the French Delmas group.
Ships on This Page:-
Abinsi - (1914-1933 - 6365gt)
Appam - (1912-1936 - 7781gt)
Falaba (1) - (1906-1915 - 4806gt)
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Elder Dempster Fleet List - Page 1
(1902-1917 - 3859gt)
Falaba (1)
(1906-1915 - 4806gt)
(1912-1936 - 7781gt)
Photographic postcard of the Appam.
Photographic postcard of the Appam.
(1914-1933 - 6365gt)
Abinsi was built as Leopoldville (4) for the Compagnie Maritime Belge in 1910. She was sold to Elder Dempster in 1914 and renamed Abinsi. She was scrapped in 1933.
Official Elder Dempster postcard.
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