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America - Australis - Italis
Page 1 - Australis in Chandris Service
These pages are devoted to the United States Lines' America, which later served for mant years as Chandris Lines' Australis. This page shows postcards of Australis in Chandris service. Page 2 shows cards of her as America, and Page 3 shows photos of Australis at Southampton in 1977 and elsewhere.
Australis was completed as the America in 1940. After war service as West Point, she re-entered service with US Lines in 1946. She was bought by Chandris in 1964, operating on the service to Australia from 1965 to 1977. After an unsuccessful attempt to run out of New York for Venture Cruises, again named America, she returned to Chandris as Italis, but was laid up again in 1979.
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Australis - Postcards
Australis - Photographs
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Chandris Lines
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Australis - Italis
(Chandris: 1965-77)
A Chandris Cruises card of Australis issued in different forms many times.
"South to the Sun - Summer Cruises"
The same painting of Australis revised to show the later grey hull.
Regular Service U.K. - Greece - Australia - New Zealand
A later photographic card of Australis.
"Round the World Service and Cruises"
A very similar card of Australis, but photographed another day.
Compare the equipment stored on the foredecks.
"Round the World Service and Cruises"
J.Arthur Dixon card SS.6492 of Australis.
An official Chandris postcard as Italis.
Photographic card of Italis.
Photographic card of Italis.
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