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This page is devoted to photographs of the SNCM-Ferryterranee fast ferry NGV Aliso, all taken by Ian Boyle at Livorno as she arrived and left again for Corsica in July 2000. NGV Aliso was the second SNCM 'NGV', (Navire a Grand Vitesse), delivered in July 1996. She operates at 37 knots, compared to the 42 knots of the new NGV3, NGV Liamone. She carries 561 passengers and 148 cars, and is powered by gas turbines of 26000kW power (which is more than doubled to 63000kW on the new ship). She operates from French ports of Nice and Toulon to the Corsican ports Ile Rousse, Calvi, Ajaccio, Bastia and Propriano, and also from Livorno (in Italy) to Bastia. Additional services on run from Bastia to Elba on certain days.
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