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PSNCo Page 4: 1945-1964
This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the ocean passenger services of Pacific Steam Navigation Company (PSNCo). Their many coastal vessels on South American Pacific Coast services are not covered. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. The Table beneath gives links to complete history pages on selected individual ships. Below the table is a Fleet List - Part 4 in chronological order.
The collapse and break-up of the Royal Mail Lines empire in 1932 only briefly restored the PSNCo independence, since Royal Mail reacquired the shares in 1938. In 1931, PSNCo had received the superb motorship Reina Del Pacifico, which reduced the round trip time to Valparaiso by 18 days to 60. By the depression of the 1930s, five round trips by Reina Del Pacifico, and a combined seven by Orbita and Orduña (1), were sufficient to carry all passengers. After World War 2, the steamers were dropped without replacement. In 1956, Reina Del Pacifico was joined by the new steamer Reina Del Mar, although they only ran concurrently for 2 years. In 1964, Reina Del Mar was converted to a cruise ship under Union-Castle management, and the era of Pacific Steam passenger services came to an end.
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Cuzco (2) (1951-1965)
Reina Del Mar (1956-1964)
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 Reina Del Mar  

PSNCo Fleet List
Page 4: 1945-1964
Cuzco (2) (1951-1965)
Reina Del Mar (1956-1964)
Reina Del Mar was the last PSNCo pasenger ship on their South American route, entering service in April 1956. She had been built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast, and was 20234 gross tons, and 560ft long. She carried 207 first, 216 cabin and 343 tourist class passengers. She ran for PSNCo for only eight years before being withdrawn from the South American run in March 1964. Reina Del Mar was sent back after her builders in Belfast for conversion into a two-class cruise ship with 1047 passengers. She was chartered to the Travel savings Association, which was jointly owned by Union-Castle Line, Canadian Pacific, Royal Mails Lines, and the founder, Max Wilson. She reappeared in June 1964 with the black TSA logo on a yellow funnel, and was managed by Union-Castle, who then took full ownership of TSA in October 1964. In November, she was converted into a one class ship with 1026 berths, although capacity was restricted to 998, and was repainted in full Union-Castle colours. She was the only Union-Castle cruise ship. In 1969 she was transferred within the Furness Withy Group to Royal Mail Lines, but chartered back to Union-Castle. In 1973 she was sold back to the Union-Castle Line. Reina Del Mar was withdrawn in 1975 and sold to Taiwanese breakers, arriving on July 30th. Demolition was completed on December 10th 1975.
PSNCo postcard of Reina Del Mar.
Card back of the PSNCo postcard of Reina Del Mar shown above.
PSNCo postcard of Reina Del Mar.
Salmon postcard 5339 of Reina Del Mar.
Painting: J.Nicholson.
Photograph of Reina Del Mar.
J.Arthur Dixon postcardof Reina Del Mar in TSA colours, after rebuilding as a cruise ship.
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