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Holland America Header Page
This page is one of a sequence devoted to the Holland America Line (HAL) fleet. This is a header page linking to other HAL pages. The table below gives links to complete postcard career histories of some of the ships.
Holland America Pages:-
Holland America Line - Header Page - this page!
Holland America Line - Pre-WW2 - to be added
Holland America Line - Post-WW2
Holland America Cruises - Pre-Carnival
Holland America Line - Carnival Years
Simplon Postcards HAL Releases
Carnival Pages:-
Carnival - Page 1 - Secondhand ocean liner tonnage
Carnival - Page 2 - The four first generation cruise ships of between 35000 and 47000grt.
Carnival - Page 3 - The eight second generation 70000grt cruise ships of the Fantasy Class.
Carnival - Page 4 - The third generation Mega-Ships, beginning with the Carnival Destiny of 1996.
Airtours - At one time 25% owned by Carnival.
Costa Ocean Liners
Costa Cruise Ships
P&O/Princess Cruises
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Simplon Postcards HAL Releases
Cruise Ship Postcard Galleries
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Table of Ship Histories
Name  Other Names  Built
 Prinsendam  Royal Viking Sun, Seabourn Sun
 Statendam (4)  Rhapsody, Regent Star
 Rotterdam (5)  Rembrandt
 Rotterdam (6)  
 Volendam (2)  Brasil, Monarch Sun, Liberté, Bermuda Star, Enchanted Seas, Universe Explorer, etc
 Veendam (3)  Argentina, Brasil, Monarch Star, Bermuda Star, Enchanted Isle, etc
 Westerdam  Homeric (2)

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