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Gordon Hislip Ferrycards - Page 3
These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website
This is a series of high quality postcards produced in Dublin by Gordon Hislip, using his own photographs, and who retains copyright. The range has concentrated on ferries of the Irish Sea, with only one exception to date. These cards must not be copied or reproduced without permission. Cards 1-27 were printed by Graham's in Northern Ireland. Subsequent cards in the GVH and GH serial ranges have been printed by Thought Factory. All cards are limited editions of only 500.
This page shows cards GVH1 - GH01/05. Follow these links to see card Nos: 1-15, 16-29
Ferrycards Releases GVH1-
STENA EXPLORER, no serial number - the first Thought Factory printed Ferrycard
GVH1 IBEX (ex-Norsky), as rebuilt 1996. Liverpool-Dublin route.
GVH2 CONDOR 10 (on charter to Stena), Fishguard-Rosslare route
GVH3 STENA CHALLENGER, Holyhead-Dublin route.
GVH4 ISLE OF INISHMORE, Holyhead-Dublin route, leaving Dublin 2/3/97 on maiden voyage - Sold Out.
GVH5 PUMA (ex-Union Melbourne) Liverpool-Dublin route.
GVH6 STENA FELICITY (ex-Gotland), Fishguard-Rosslare route.
GVH7 STENA EXPLORER, Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire route.
GVH8 SUPERSEACAT TWO, Liverpool-Dublin route.
GVH9 EUROPEAN LEADER (ex-Buffalo) Liverpool-Dublin route. Lengthened 1988, and again in 1998.
GVH10 STENA CALEDONIA, Belfast-Stranraer route. At Rosslare 13/7/98 on a Tour de France charter
GVH99/01 STENA CHALLENGER, Holyhead-Dublin route.
GVH99/02 EUROPEAN ENVOY (ex-Ibex,Norsky) Liverpool-Dublin route. Built 1979, rebuilt 1996.
GVH99/03 EUROPEAN LEADER (ex-Buffalo) Liverpool-Dublin route. Lengthened 1988, and again in 1998.
The following are the latest releases, issued October 1999:-
GVH99/04 JONATHON SWIFT Holyhead-Dublin route - Sold Out.
GVH99/05 BRAVE MERCHANT (Merchant Ferries) Liverpool-Dublin route.
GVH99/06 KONINGIN BEATRIX Fishguard-Rosslare route.
GVH00/01 STENA LYNX III Fishguard-Rosslare route.
GVH00/02 EUROPEAN ENVOY Liverpool-Dublin route.
GVH00/03 STENA GALLOWAY Stranraer-Belfast/Larne routes.
New Releases February 2001
GH01/01 EUROPEAN AMBASSADOR Cairnryan-Larne route.
GH01/02 STENA CALEDONIA Stranraer-Belfast/Larne routes.
GH01/03 EUROPEAN LEADER Fleetwood-Larne route.
GH01/04 JONATHON SWIFT Holyhead-Dublin route.
GH01/05 CELTIC STAR Cairnryan-Larne route.
New Release July 2001
GH/SF/01 STENA FORWARDER Dublin Port-Holyhead route.
New Releases 2002
GH/SE/02 STENA EUROPE Rosslare-Fishguard route.
GH/NY/02 NORBAY Liverpool-Dublin route.
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