Donald Stoltenberg
Ocean Liner Paintings - Page 1
Donald Stoltenberg has produced seven postcards from his own superb watercolours of historic liners. Scans of these cards are shown below, with details of the original artworks.
Scans of other paintings, not issued as postcards, are shown on Page 2. For details about acquiring original paintings, contact the artist at He can also supply a 20" x 28" poster of Conte di Savoia for $25. Donald is interested in enquiries from postcard traders who may wish to buy cards in quantity, but cannot accept individual orders for these cards.
The sizes and prices of the original watercolours are:-
Full sheet 22" x 30" $2000
Half sheet 15" x 22" $1200
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Donald Stoltenberg Biography
Conte di Savoia - Watercolour Full Sheet, 1998
Europa - Watercolour Full Sheet, 1998
France - Watercolour 21" x 19", 1998
Normandie - Watercolour Half Sheet, 1997
Queen Elizabeth 2 - Watercolour Half Sheet, 1997
Queen Mary - Watercolour Full Sheet, 1998
Rotterdam - Watercolour Half Sheet, 1997
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