Cruise Ships 1999
This page shows official and commercial postcards of cruise ships delivered during 1999. These cards are not for sale unless it specifically states otherwise. This page is still under construction.
Cruise ships to be covered are:-
Birka Princess - Birka Line (rebuild)
Cezanne GI.A. - Provence Line - I am still looking for a card!
Europa - Hapag Lloyd
Mistral - Festival Cruises
Norwegian Majesty - NCL (rebuild)
Norwegian Sky - NCL
Paradise - Carnival
R Four - Renaissance
Rivage St Martin - Rivage Croisieres - I am still looking for a card!
Sea Princess - Princess Cruises
Seven Seas Navigator - Radisson Seven Seas
SuperStar Virgo - Star Cruises
Volendam - Holland America Line
Voyager of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
Any help in finding postcards of the ships where I do not have a card would be gratefully appreciated.
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Birka Princess - Birka Line
This card of Birka Princess is included to show her condition before the 1999 rebuilding, and the original livery.
Birka Princess was rebuilt with additional cabins above the bridge, a new rounded forward superstructure and a new livery, as shown in the three official cards below.
Europa - Hapag-Lloyd
Europa was built by Kvaerner Masa, Finland. She was completed for HAPAG-Lloyd in 1999. Although of similar outline, she is larger at 28600grt in size, but has only 408 berths. Her dimensions are 198.6 x 21.0 x 6.0 m. Engines consist of 4 x MAN B&W, 21606kW, giving a service speed of 21 knots. She replaced the 1981 Europa, now the SuperStar Aries of Star Cruises (originally renamed SuperStar Europe). There is a dedicated page on the Europa on this link.
An official Hapag-Lloyd art card of Europa, released before entering service.
A variation on the official Hapag-Lloyd art card of Europa shown above, illustrating a cabin.
A special Hapag-Lloyd art card of Europa, released for her first cruise.
A new revision of a card shown above, with the painting of Europa replaced with a photo. I look forward to many further excellent HAPAG cards of the new Europa, the previous Europa (now SuperStar Europe) possibly had more official cards issued than any other modern cruise ship - a webpage is in preparation.
World Ships serial number 20, of Europa.
Mistral - Festival Cruises
Mistral was completed in 1999 by Chantiers Atlantique for Festival Cruise Line. Her first cruise started 17th July 1999, from Venice to the Greek islands. Winter cruises will be in the Caribbean. Mistral briefly visited Southampton, in poor weather, on Sunday 27th June 1999, when the photographs below were taken by Ian Boyle. She arrived around noon, and was due to leave at 6.30pm. Also shown are the first official postcards of Mistral. Mistral details: 47900 Gross Tons, Length: 216m, 1200 Passengers, Crew 450, Speed 19 knots, Engines 4 x Wartsila 31680 Kw. There is a page dedicated to postcards and photographs of Norwegian Sky on this link.
The first official Festival Cruises card of Mistral.
The first photographic Festival Cruises card of Mistral.
A variation on the Festival Cruises photograph used above.
Simplon Postcards serial no. sc2154 of Mistral, released May 2000.
Photo by Mike Louagie at Santorini.
Norwegian Majesty - NCL
Norwegian Majesty was originally ordered by Birka Line for their 24hour cruises out of Stockholm. Following the bankruptcy of builders Wartsila, the contract was resold to Majesty Cruise Line and the vessel was completed as Caribbean cruise ship Royal Majesty in 1992. She was transferred into the NCL fleet in 1997 as Norwegian Majesty, and in 1997 received a similar lengthening to Norwegian Wind/Dream.
The first card is an oversized NCL official (shown reduced) showing the ship before lengthening.
The two official NCL cards below were issued in 2000, and show Norwegian Majesty after lengthening.
Norwegian Sky - NCL
The NCL cruise ship Norwegian Sky was delivered in June 1999. She was intended to become the sister to the Costa Victoria, but was not completed due to the bankruptcy of the builders Bremer Vulkan. The hull was sold to NCL, and completed three years after her "sister", although design changes have given the two ships very different appearances. She was designed to operate 7-day cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska. She is 78,200 gross tons, 258.67 metres long and carries 2002 passengers (2450 max). 6 MAN diesels of 68930 total bhp drive her at 23 knots. There is a page dedicated to postcards and photographs of Norwegian Sky on this link.
This postcard of Norwegian Sky was made by sticking a colour print onto an adhesive postcard back. It was produced in Germany, and I believe it was issued by the builders from a photograph taken during her sea trials.
This is the first NCL official postcard issued of Norwegian Sky.
In 2000, NCL issued a new series of official postcards of their fleet, including the two of Norwegian Sky shown below.
A Wil Moojen postcard (printed by BOS-RIDDERKERK) of Norwegian Sky (no serial number). The photograph, by the publisher, was taken in the Nordzeekanaal on her maiden trip, 18/08/1999.
Simplon Postcards serial number sc2155 of Norwegian Sky (issued May 2000).
The photograph, by Mike Louagie, was taken at Zeebrugge in 1999.
Paradise - Carnival
Paradise is 70367 gross tons, 855 ft long and has a double occupancy capacity of 2040, looked after by 920 crew. Her cruising speed is 21 knots.
The Kvaerner Masa-Yards builders' card Paradise is shown below.
The card has her specification on the reverse, shown on this link.
Two Carnival official postcards (both serial PARA-1!) of Paradise are shown below.
An oversized Carnival official postcard of Paradise.
An oversized Carnival official postcard of Paradise, promoting the benefits to non-smokers.
An enlargement of the ship is shown below.
Simplon Postcards sc2147 of Paradise.
R Four - Renaissance Cruises
An advantage of not giving ships real names is that different postcards are not needed for each ship!
This is the generic postcard for R One to R Nine (the last is due in 2002)
This is another generic Renaissance postcard for R One to R Nine - a nice enough card until one notices the hopelessly skewed horizon. The image below shows the same card adjusted to correct this fault.
Sea Princess - Princess Cruises
Sea Princess was delivered to Princess Cruises early in 1999, built by Fincantieri in Italy. She is the third of four 77,000gross ton sisterships, the others being Sun, Dawn and Ocean Princess. She is 261 metres long, and carries 2100 passengers 2400 maximum .
Two official Princess Cruises postcards of Sea Princess are shown below.
Seven Seas Navigator - Radisson Seven Seas
Three official Radisson Seven Seas cards of Seven Seas Navigator are shown below.
SuperStar Virgo - Star Cruises
Three official cards of SuperStar Virgo. A sistership to SuperStar Leo, at 76,800grt and carrying 2000 passengers.
SuperStar Virgo at Meyer-Werft.
Simplon Postcards serial no. sc2156 of SuperStar Virgo, printed May 2000.
The photograph was taken by Mike Louagie, in 1999.
Volendam - Holland America Line (HAL)
Volendam is 60906 gross tons, 238m long, and has a double-occupancy capacity of 1440 passengers, looked after by 647 crew.
A HAL official postcard (serial 30702240), issued 9/1999, of Volendam is shown below.
Updated HAL official postcard (serial 30702240), issued 1/2000, of Volendam is shown below.
Voyager of the Seas - Royal Caribbean (RCCL)
Voyager of the Seas is 142000 gross tons, 1020 ft long, and has a double-occupancy capacity of 3114 passengers, looked after by 1180 crew. Her cruising speed is 22 knots.
An RCCL official postcard (serial Voya-1) of Voyager of the Seas is shown below.
This is RCCL official postcard serial Voya-2 of Voyager of the Seas.
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