Helvétie (2)
Page 2: Modern Postcards
Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le lac Léman (CGN)
This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le lac Léman (CGN) steamer Helvétie (2). This page shows photographs of the Helvétie (2) . Other Helvétie (2) pages are listed below. There is a table of all CGN individual ship histories on the CGN Header Page.
Helvétie (2) was built in 1926, the last of Lake Geneva's trio of 70 metre steamers. In 2004, Helvétie (2) was laid up at Lausanne-Ouchy awaiting a decision on replacement of her twin diesel engines, which had been removed from th Danube paddle tug Goliath. Unlike the other diesel-electric conversions by CGN, this arrangement was such a success. Initially used after conversion on the daily Geneva-St Gingolph-Geneva run, she was soon consigned to use on evening dinner cruises from Geneva to Yvoire a couple of times a week. Unlike the other conversions, noise and vibration were considerable at speed, although she did seem to be extremely fast when required to make up for delays. Her original steam engines are located in a museum at Nyon, and there were suggestions that they might be restored to her, although this now seems most unlikely.
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Helvétie (2)
Page 2: Modern Postcards
Helvétie (right), and Rhone (left) at Geneva.
Montreux is berthed alongside Valais in the background.
Helvétie (right), and Rhone (left) at Geneva.
Helvétie at Geneva.
Perrochet postcard 1173-1897 of Simplon (3), Helvétie (2) and La Suisse (2) at Le Bouveret.
Postcard showing an impressive line-up at Ouchy (left-right):- La Suisse (2), Montreux, Rhône and Helvétie.The picture was taken in 1971 or 1972.
Général Guisan (behind), Helvétie (right), and Rhone (bottom right) at Ouchy.
This was taken the same day as the card above.
Postcard of Helvétie (background) and La Suisse (2).
Postcard of Simplon (3) and Helvétie (2) at Geneva.
Postcard of Simplon (3), Helvétie (2) and Italie at Geneva.
One of a series of eight postcards showing each of the surviving paddle vessels, issued in 1998 for the 125th Anniversary of CGN. This one shows both historic and modern images of Helvétie (2).
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