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Page 5 - Photos of NCL's Norway
These pages are devoted to postcards and photographs of the CGT (French Line) Atlantic liner France of 1962. The France was the longest (but not largest) Atlantic liner at 1035ft. She was withdrawn in 1974 on the removal of government subsidies. She was laid up at le Havre until 1979, when she was bought by Norwegian Caribbean Line (later Norwegian Cruise Line) and renamed Norway after a substantial rebuilding that removed half the engines and boilers.
This page shows photographs as the NCL cruise ship Norway. Page 1 shows French-issued postcards of France. Page 2 shows postcards of France issued in other countries. Page 3 shows Norway in her original NCL colours. Page 4 shows postcards of Norway in the later NCL livery with dark-blue funnels.
SS France/Norway Pages:-
SS France - Page 1 - French-issued postcards of the SS France.
SS France - Page 2 - Postcards of SS France issued outside France.
SS France - Page 3 - SS Norway - Postcards in NCL service as SS Norway.
SS France - Page 4 - SS Norway - Postcards as SS Norway with later funnel colours.
SS France - Page 5 - SS Norway - Photographs of SS Norway - this page!
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Photos: Finn Torquist, New York, September 5th 2001.
Photos: Cees de Bijl, Bremerhaven, November 2003.
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