World Ships Postcards Nos.01-10
This is a series of high quality postcards produced in Hamburg, using photographs by D.Hasenpusch, who retains copyright. The range has concentrated on German-owned or German-built recent cruise liners. These cards must not be copied or reproduced without permission.
These postcards are no longer available for sale.
Copies may be available for exchange by prior arrangement - please email:
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No.01 ALBATROS, built 1957, 24804gt
No.02 MAXIM GORKY, built 1969, 24220gt
No.03 CENTURY, built 1995, 70606gt
No.04 HANSEATIC, built 1991, 8378gt
No.05 ORIANA, built 1995, 69153gt
No.06 BREMEN, built 1990, 6752gt
No.07 BERLIN, built 1980, 9570gt
No.08 EUROPA, built 1981, 37012gt
No.09 AIDA, built 1996, 38531gt
No.10 VISTAFJORD, built 1973, 24492gt
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