Carnival Cruise Line Cards by Simplon
This page shows the Carnival Cruise Line ships issued on postcard by Simplon Postcards.
These postcards are no longer available for sale from this website.
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Mardi Gras
sc2128, released July 1998 - SOLD OUT
Location: River Tyne, 28th June 1998
Photographer: Hilton Davis
Shown as Direct Cruises' Apollon after sale by Carnival
sc2129, released July 1998
Location: Funchal, Madeira, 25th April 1998
Photographer: Riu Manuel Gouveia Sa
Shown as Thomson Cruises' Topaz after sale by Carnival
sc2048, released April 1994
Location: St Maarten, 2nd February 1993
Photographer: Tony Davis
sc2086, released September 1996
Location: Barbados, 18th April 1996
Photographer: Clive Harvey
sc2101, released June 1997
Location: New York, 2nd June 1996
Photographer: Richard Weiss
Photographed as Dolphin Cruise Lines' IslandBreeze after sale by Carnival.
Tropicale (1981)
sc2145, released June 1999
Location: Grand Cayman, March 1999
Photographer: Ian Boyle
Holiday (1985)
sc2146, released June 1999
Location: San Francisco, January 1999
Photographer: Marvin Jensen
Imagination (1995)
sc2084, released September 1996
Location: Cozumel, 1995
Photographer: Mike Ralph
Ecstasy (1991)
sc2010, released March 1992 - SOLD OUT
Location: Helsinki, 1991
Photographer: M.Pietikainen
Sensation (1993)
sc2063, released March 1995 - SOLD OUT
Location: Grand Cayman, 1994
Photographer: Mike Ralph
Most copies of the first printing of this card were damaged in transit. This version is now sold out.
sc2063, released March 1995
Location: Grand Cayman, 1994
Photographer: Mike Ralph
The card was reprinted using a different photograph. This version is still available.
Inspiration (1996)
sc2085, released September 1996
Location: San Francisco, 1996
Photographer: Marvin Jensen
Elation (1998)
Simplon Postcards issue sc2133, released December 1998.
Photographed at San Francisco, by Marvin Jensen.
Paradise (1998)
sc2147, released June 1999
Location: Nassau, December 1998
Photographer: Mike Ralph
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