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16 New Releases September 2001
Ramsey Postcards have produced a range of 133 modern cards of cruise ships and ferries, plus a handful of ocean liners. Of particular interest are the many well known UK & Northern European ferries pictured after sale to Mediterranean operators. In many cases these are the only commercial cards available of these ships, since few of the operators release official company cards. 16 new issues (serial numbers 118-133) were released in September 2001, and these are all illustrated below. A complete list of all Ramsey releases is shown on this link. Further new cards were issued in September 2003 - these will be added soon.
These cards are produced by Philip Cone of Harwich, England, who retains copyright in all cases. The images must not be reproduced without permission.
These postcards are no longer available for sale.
Copies may be available for exchange by prior arrangement - please email: simplon@simplon.co.uk
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118: Amsterdam (Holland America Line)
119: Arion (Classic International)
120: Artevelde (RMT - Belgian Marine Administration)
121: Ben-my-Chree (Isle of Man Steam Packet Co)
122: Chantilly (SNCF)
123: Costa Atlantica (Costa Cruises)
124: Holyhead Ferry I (British Rail)
125: King Orry (Isle of Man Steam Packet Co)
126: Ocean Monarch (Shaw Savill - ex-Empress of England)
127: Odysseus (Royal Olympic Cruises)
128: Primrose (TEF)
129: Royal Princess (Princess Cruises)
130: Stena Britannica (Stena Line BV)
131: Sundream (Sun Cruises - Airtours)
132: Tynwald (Isle of Man Steam Packet Co)
133: Ulster Queen (P&O Ferries - Belfast SS)
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