New Cruise Ship Releases - June 1999
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 Ref.No. Ship's Name  Line Notes Location  Date  Photographer
 sc2138  Sea Princess  Princess  1998 ship  Grand Cayman  1999  Ian Boyle
 sc2139  Sea Princess  P&O  now the Victoria (P&O)      Rhoderick Jones
 sc2140  Fair Princess  P&O  ex-Princess  Solomon Islands  1998  Clive Harvey
 sc2141  Oriana  P&O  current ship  Bergen  1998  Ian Boyle
 sc2142  Norway  NCL  latest colours  North Sea Canal  1998  Wil Moojen
 sc2143  Imperial Majesty  Premier  OceanBreeze, chartered  Ft.Lauderdale  1999  Ian Boyle
 sc2144  Mermoz  Paquet    Grand Cayman  1999  Ian Boyle
 sc2145  Tropicale  Carnival    Grand Cayman  1999  Ian Boyle
 sc2146  Holiday  Carnival    San Francisco  1998  Marvin Jensen
 sc2147  Paradise  Carnival  pre-maiden voyage  Nassau  1998  Michael V. Ralph
sp2138 Sea Princess
sp2139 Sea Princess (now Victoria)
sp2140 Fair Princess
sp2141 Oriana
sp2142 Norway
sp2143 OceanBreeze/Imperial Majesty (ex-Southern Cross)
sp2144 Mermoz
sp2145 Tropicale
sp2146 Holiday
sp2147 Paradise
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