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All ferry postcards issued by Simplon Postcards 1999-2001 are all illustrated on this page. Follow the links to see the photo being used, all the images have been added to this page below the table. All photographs retain the copyright of the photographers listed, and must not be used without permission. Follow this link to see lists of all previous Simplon releases.
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June 1999 - 8 New Simplon Ferry Releases
May 2000 - 4 New Simplon Ferry Releases
April 2001 - 3 New Simplon Ferry Releases
July 2001 - 4 New Simplon Ferry Releases
December 2001 - 8 New Simplon Ferry Releases
Table of Simplon Cards 1999-2001

 Ref.No. Ship's Name  Line Notes  Date  Photographer
 sp1251  Jupiter  Fjord  ex-Color Viking  1999  Hilton Davis
 sp1252  King Orry  IOMSPCo  Sea Conatiners blue hull  1998  Ian Boyle
 sp1253  Moby Blu  Moby  ex-Free Enterprise II  -  Mike Louagie
 sp1254  Methodia II  Ventouris  ex-Free Enterprise I  -  Errol Cornish
 sp1255  Penelope A  Agoudimos  ex-Horsa  1998  Mike Louagie
 sp1256  Naias Express  Agapitos  ex-Ailsa Princess  1998  Mike Louagie
 sp1257  Express Aphrodite  Agapitos  ex-St Columba  1998  Mike Louagie
 sp1258  Eptanisos  Strintzis  ex-Valencay  -  Mike Louagie
 sp1259  Finnclipper  Finnlines  New Ro-Pax ferry  1999  Bernd Gell
 sp1260  Commodore Clipper  Commodore  New Ro-Pax ferry  1999  Ian Boyle
 so6005  Balmoral  PSPS  Excursion motor vessel  1999  Richard Clammer
 so6006  Waverley  PSPS  Excursion paddlesteamer  1999  Mike Tedstone
 sp1261  Corsica Marina Seconda  Corsica Ferries  ex-Stena/Marine Nautica  2000  Ian Boyle
 sp1262  Moby Love 2  Moby Lines  ex-St Eloi, King Orry  2000  Ian Boyle
 so6007  Balmoral  PSPS  Excursion motor vessel  2001  Mike Tedstone
 sp1263  Pride of Rotterdam  North Sea Ferries  New ferry 2001  2001  Mike Louagie
 sp1264  Pride of Hull  North Sea Ferries  New ferry 2001  2001  Mike Louagie
 sp1265  Norsun  North Sea Ferries  Refurbished 2001  2001  Mike Louagie
 sp1266  Stena Britannica  Stena Line BV  New Harwich-Hook ferry  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1267  Mega Express  Corsica Ferries  New Corsica Ferries  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1268  Corsica Serena Seconda  Corsica Ferries  ex-Europafaerjan III  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1269  Sardinia Vera  Corsica Ferries  ex-Stena/Marine Atlantica  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1270  Moby Freedom  Moby Lines  New moby Lines  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1271  Moby Vincent  Moby Lines  ex-St Brendan  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1272  Happy Dolphin  Happy Lines  ex-Innisfallen  2001  Ian Boyle
 sp1273  Pearl of Scandinavia  DFDS Seaways  ex-Athena, Star Aquarius  2001  Peter Therkildsen
 sp1274  Prins Joachim  Scandlines  ex-DSB  2001  Peter Therkildsen

June 1999 Releases
sp1251 Jupiter
sp1252 King Orry (since sold to Moby Lines)
sp1253 Moby Blu
sp1254 Methodia II
sp1255 Penelope A
sp1255 Naias Express
sp1257 Express Aphrodite
sp1258 Eptanisos
May 2000 Releases
sp1259 Finnclipper
sp1260 Commodore Clipper
so6005 MV Balmoral
so6006 PS Waverley
April 2001 Releases
sp2161 Corsica Marina Seconda
sp2162 Moby Love 2
so6007 MV Balmoral
July 2001 Releases
sp2163 Pride of Rotterdam
New North Sea Ferries giant leaving builders in Venice.
sp2164 Pride of Hull
New North Sea Ferries giant at builders in Venice.
sp2165 Norsun
Newly refurbished North Sea Ferries giant transferred to Zeebrugge.
sp2166 Stena Britannica
New Stena Line BV ro-pax ferry for Harwich-Hook of Holland route.
December 2001 Releases
sp2167 Mega Express
New Corsica Ferries high-speed ferry arriving at Bastia.
sp1268 Corsica Serena Seconda
Corsica Ferries "Corsica Shuttle" arriving at Bastia.
sp1269 Sardinia Vera
Corsica Ferries vessel on charter to Transmanche Ferries arriving at Dieppe.
sp1270 Moby Freedom
New Moby Lines high-speed ferry arriving at Bastia.
sp1271 Moby Vincent
Ex-Sealink St Brendan arriving at Bastia.
sp1272 Happy Dolphin
Ex-B&I Innisfallen arriving at Bastia.
sp1273 Pearl of Scandinavia
Ex-Viking Line's Athena and Star Cruises' Star Aquarius at Copenhagen.
sp1274 Prins Joachim
Ex-DSB trainferry at Gedser in latest Scandlines colours.

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