Moby Freedom
Moby Wonder
This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the new Moby Lines ferries Moby Freedom and Moby Wonder.
Moby Freedom and Moby Wonder were introduced in 2001, and were built by Daewoo in South Korea. They operate overnight services from Genova to Olbia (Sardinia), with day-time fill-in runs between Genova to Bastia, and Olbia to Civitavecchia. Moby have an option on two further sisters with Daewoo, plus there are reports of an order for two 175m ships from Italian builders in Livorno (where the new Corsica Ferries ships have been built). The pictures of Moby Freedom on this page were taken by Ian Boyle at Bastia in August 2001.
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Moby Freedom Photographs - Arriving Bastia - August 2001
Moby Freedom Photographs - Leaving Bastia - August 2001
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Moby Freedom - Moby Wonder
Postcards and Official Images
Simplon Postcards issue sp1270 of the Moby Freedom, released December 2001.
This is the only postcard of these sisters that I know of so far.
Photographed at Bastia in August 2001 by Ian Boyle.
Official Moby Lines image of the Moby Wonder from the Moby website.
Arriving Bastia - August 2001
Leaving Bastia - August 2001
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