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Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Castle - Victoria - The Victoria - Princesa Victoria
Princesa Victoria was built in 1936 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, for Union-Castle Line as the Dunnottar Castle. She was used on the London (Tilbury) - round Africa service until the outbreak of WW2, when she was converted to an armed merchant cruiser, and then later used a troop transport. In 1949 she resumed her London - round Africa service.
In 1958, Dunnottar Castle was sold to Incres SS Co, who renamed her as Victoria and substantially rebuilt her in Rotterdam. Victoria entered service in 1960 on New York-West Indies cruises. In 1964, Victoria was sold to Victoria SS Co, a subsidiary of the Swedish company Clipper A/B, but retained her name, service and Incres Line as her agents.
Victoria was bought by Chandris in 1975, resuming sailings as The Victoria in June 1976. She cruised in Europe and the Caribbean until 1993, when she was sold to Louis Cruise Lines who used her on cruises from Cyprus as Princesa Victoria. She was then the oldest large cruise ship (over 10000grt) then still in passenger service. She was sold for breaking up in 2004.
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UNION-CASTLE LINE - A Fleet History by Peter Newall: Published by Carmania Press in 1999
This is the definitive history of the Union-Castle Line - Available from Mainmast Books
Dunnottar Castle
(Union Castle: 1936-1958)
A Union-Castle Line official card of Dunnottar Castle.
A Sweetman card of Dunnottar Castle.
(Incres: 1958-1975)
A Incres Line official card of Victoria, entering St Thomas. Printed by Hannau-Robinson, New York, serial no.56641.
"Everything is first class on this Incres Line ship designed expressly for luxury Caribbean Cruises. All Italian personnel".
The Victoria
(Chandris: 1975-1994)
An official Chandris card, titled Victoria (not The Victoria).
I believe this is actually an Incres period photo with Chandris colours added, since Chandris removed the aft
kingposts and plated in more of the promenade deck. I do not think Chandris ever ran her from New York.
An official Chandris card of The Victoria, printed in USA.
An official Fantasy Cruises card of The Victoria.
A Chandris official card of The Victoria, with Caribbean itinerary. Printed in Italy, serial no.C16/88.
A Chandris official card of The Victoria, with European and Caribbean itineraries. Printed in Italy, serial no.C50/90. This card was reissued with a blue border as 298/91.
A Chandris official card of The Victoria. Printed in Greece.
A Chandris Fantasy Cruises official card of The Victoria.
A modern Chantry Classics card, serial no. CC/S105, of The Victoria.
Photo: Wil Moojen.
A modern Ramsey card of The Victoria.
Photo: Philip Cone.
A Pieter Oost postcard of The Victoria (no serial number).
Copies of this card are available direct from the publishers at:-
Princesa Victoria
(Louis: 1994-2004)
A Louis Cruise Lines official card of Princesa Victoria.
Louis Cruise 1994 brochure pages for Princesa Victoria
Scan: Odd Tom Høgstøl
Click to open larger image in new window
A card of Princesa Victoria at the Lisbon Expo'98.
Photo by Luis Miguel Correia, I believe, although uncredited on the card.
A photo of Louis Cruise Lines' Princesa Victoria, taken by Terry Boyle in Limassol, 21st April 1999. At 63 years young, she still looks in good very condition. I believe she was the oldest large
cruise ship (over 10000grt) currently still in passenger service at the time of the photo.
Another photo of Louis Cruise Lines Princesa Victoria, taken by Terry Boyle in Limassol, 21st April 1999.
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