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Daressa - Favorita
El Djezair
General Mangin
St David
Chandris purchased four vessels in the 1960s and 1970s, none of which entered service with the company. Since these were all Chandris-owned ships, albeit never operated by them, I have included postcards of them all in the colours of their previous ownerships. I believe that only the Favorita ever actually held her intended Chandris name.
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El Djezair
General Mangin
St David
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Daressa - Favorita
The 1950 British India steamer Daressa (Bombay-Gulf services) was bought by Chandris in 1964 with the intention of converting her into a cruise ship. She was renamed Favorita but was laid up for four years with no conversion work undertaken. The plans changed and she was then resold to become the Kim Hwa of Singapore, until scrapped in 1974.
A British India official card of Daressa.
General Mangin
The next unused ship to be bought was the General Mangin in 1968. She was built for the Cie.de Navigation Fraissinet et Cyprien Fabre (Fraissinet) in 1953, a sister to the Jean Mermoz which survives in converted form as the Mermoz. General Mangin was transferred to Nouvelle Cie de Paquebots, Marseille (Paquet) in 1965. Chandris owned her for only a short period, before reselling her to Philippine interests as the President. It was rumoured that her Chandris name would have been Festivita. I think these were a very handsome pair of ships, and I would have been fascinated to have seen one in Chandris colours. Follow this link to see how the sistership Mermoz looks in 1999.
A Cie.de Navigation Fraissinet official card of General Mangin.
LABO-PHOTO-SUD-EST (Marseille) postcard of General Mangin.
General Mangin after sale by Chandris as Eastern Queen.
Scan: Ken Murayama.
El Djezair
In 1971 Chandris purchased another Marseilles-based steamer, the revolutionary El Djezair, which pioneered the engines-aft layout in a passenger ship some time before the more famous Southern Cross (now OceanBreeze/Imperial Majesty). She was built in 1952 for the Mediterranean services of Cie.de Navigation Mixte. She was already laid up in Greece when purchased, intended for conversion to a cruise ship for Sovereign Cruises. After purchase, Chandris engineers found that her engines were faulty, so sold her for scrap in 1973.
A Cie.de Navigation Mixte official card of El Djezair
St David
The final ship bought, but not used by Chandris was the Holyhead, ex-St David, operated on Fishguard-Rosslare services for British Railways. She had been built in 1947, and was also purchased by Chandris in 1971, possibly via Epirotiki according to one book. Although never used by Chandris, details of her eventual fate are not clear, although some sources say she was broken up at Perama after some years laid up.
An official British Railways card of St David, published by Photochrom
An official Rosslare Harbour Co card of St David, printed by The Three Candles Ltd, Dublin
An attractive card of St David at sea, publisher unknown
A Frith's Series card of St David at Fishguard (serial no.FGD.136)
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