Bretagne - Brittany
The Bretagne was built for Marseilles-based SGTM in 1951. Her sistership was the Provence, later Enrico Costa. Chandris refitted her for the Europe-Australia service in 1961, although initially she operated a charter running cruises from Boston and New York, still under the French flag. She started her Southampton-Australia service that autumn. In May 1962, during a further refit, the name was changed to Brittany, before another summer cruising out of New York. Unfortunately, she was burnt out in April 1963.
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Bretagne - SGTM 1951-61
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Brittany - Chandris 1962-63
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(SGTM: 1951-61)
SGTM official card of Bretagne.
Marseille-Genoa-South America via Senegal service.
SGTM official card of Bretagne.
Italy-France-Spain-Brazil-Uruguay-Argentina service.
SGTM official card (?) of Bretagne.
(Chandris: 1961-63)
Official Europe Australia Line card, as Bretagne. The message on the above card reads (posted from Funchal to a Torquay address - date illegible):
"Things are getting a bit more organised but it has been absolute chaos. I was lucky to find my cases and get them taken down, some passengers are still waiting. All the Greeks seem to be quarrelling most of the time - the British crew failed to come on as their unions forbade them, extra crew coming at Madeira. The food is excellent. Sea rough but no tossing."
J.Arthur Dixon card SS.1717, as Bretagne.
Chandris official card of Brittany (Europe-Australia Line).
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