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Chandris Line
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This page is devoted to the ships of Chandris Lines.
Ships on this Page:-
Charlton Star - 1950-1960
Patris (1) - 1936-19??
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Patris (1)
(Chandris: 1936-19??)
The first passenger ship owned by the founder of Chandris, John D. Chandris, was bought in 1936. She was the 1911 Fraissinet steamer Corte II. She operated various passenger services out of Venice for Mr Chandris, although not under the Chandris Lines banner. I have not yet obtained a postcard of her as the Patris.
The Fraissinet steamer Corte II at Nice.
The Fraissinet steamer Corte II.
Charlton Star
(Chandris: 1950-1960)
Charlton Star was originally built in 1921 by John Cockerill Shipyards, Hoeboken, Belgium as the Elisabethville for Cie Belge-Maritime Du Congo.

8178 Gross Tons, 439 Feet long 57 Feet wide
Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw
Service Speed: 14 Knots
700 one class passengers
1921 Elisabethville,
Cie Belge-Maritime Du Congo, Antwerp
Cie. Maritime Belge, Antwerp
1940 MOWT Troopship, Managed by Lamport & Holt, Liverpool
Cie. Maritime Belge
1947 Empire Bure MOWT managed by Lamport & Holt Line, Liverpool
1950 Charlton Star, Charlton SS Co London (CHANDRIS)
1958 Maristrella AJ & DJ Chandris, Liberia
1960 Scrapped at Osaka
Official photographic postcard of Charlton Star
Scan: Dimas Almada
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