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Ausonia of 1957
Page 2: 1999 Cruise
The following photos of Ausonia were taken by Mike Tedstone during a 7-Day Greek Islands cruise from Cyprus, in October 1999. A selection of official and commercial postcards of Ausonia are shown on Page 1. The following notes on the cruise have been supplied by Mike:-
In 1999 Ausonia was mainly advertised to run short 2 day and 3 day trips from Limassol to either the Holy Land, the Pyramids, or both, or Rhodes, the charter to First Choice for the UK market having fallen through. However, the advertised programme was amended and a couple of 7-day trips were run in late September & early October, largely to cater for block bookings from the Cypriot Union of retired former Public Sector workers, or some such. (Other Louis ships have done this in previous years). The schedule, to four islands and three mainland ports, was thus largely determined by requests from this union.

My impression of the ship was basically that she felt rather austere, totally lacked any frills, but was quite cheap (£560 for a week with taxes included, single cabin inside) with generally OK food. However, there was no on-board credit arrangement and all drinks (including water) were extra, in cash! As a steamship she is visually attractive, runs silently and is generally nice & traditional, possibly lacking in entertainment or choice of eating places for a whole week's trip.

At the end of the trip Ausonia destored the same day, paid off virtually all the crew and was set to proceed to Perama for a fairly substantial refit for the 2000 charter to First Choice featuring two-week sailings to England and return. As far as I can make out the role of Ausonia next year will be taken over by Mermoz, although just what will happen to the Royal Olympic fleet following the acquisition by Louis of a majority shareholding is as yet unclear. I am by no means certain Louis will themselves want to use the newbuilding. More importantly for steamship fans the future of Stella Solaris must be very uncertain.

Mike Tedstone 17-Nov-99
Ausonia details: 12368 Gross Tons, Length: 159.3m, 750 Passengers,  Speed 20.7 knots, Engines: two sets of geared turbines, total 17400shp, twin screws.
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Ausonia at Tinos, October 1999
Ausonia at Skiathos, October 1999
Ausonia at Volos, October 1999
Ausonia arriving at Kos, October 1999
Ausonia at Kos, October 1999
Mermoz off Cyprus, following acquisition by Louis October 1999 (photo from Ausonia)
Salamis Glory at Limassol, from Ausonia, October 1999
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